The four-legged team of HALE®

Our four-legged partners, the teaching horses, look forward to supporting you in your development processes. They live in species-appropriate surroundings, are honest, enthusiastic, sociable, peaceful and reliable.


Gelding, Anglo-Arabian

Hill is quite a guy and takes his job as protector of his small herd of mares very seriously. He is always happy for interesting encounters with bipeds.



When I introduced Merida to my training participants, I received great laughter. We had previously described the "ideal coaching horse". It should not be too big, rather petite and with a light coat colour. Merida is big, strong and pitch black. Nevertheless, she is the best (coaching) horse you could wish for.


Mare, Arabian-Trotter mix

Jana is usually surrounded by a flair of cheerfulness mixed with perkiness. She is very approachable and is quick to get excited about anything new.


Best dog in the world

She is our sunshine on four paws and devotedly cares for the emotional well-being of all residents and guests. "couching", however, she finds much nicer than coaching.

Great horse personalities who take their job seriously and have an eye for what's important. (Julia F.)