Individual Offers

Do you like things to be customized? - I am happy to be at your disposal for individual one-on-one training and coaching. HALE® on Tour offers events worldwide in German and English.

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Self-awareness and solution orientation

HALE® Individual coaching

  • Would you like to develop yourself personally?
  • Are you in a phase of upheaval?
  • Do you need new impulses?
  • Would you like to improve your soft skills?
  • Would you would like to have professional feedback on your work with humans and horses?

A HALE® one-on-one coaching session is an intensive, guided individual training with a horse as a partner at your side.

In a short preliminary talk, I will prepare you for the encounter with the horse. You will be introduced to horses in a way that enables you to build a natural relationship with the horse. In the coaching process I will accompany you safely, empathetically and competently to new insights and constructive behaviour. If you wish, the coaching will be recorded on video so that you can convince yourself of the effectiveness of your newly gained insights and changes in a joint video viewing.

Finally, we will review your development steps together and work out ways to integrate the newly gained insights into your (everyday) life in a beneficial and sustainable way.

You already work with people and horses? Then I am also available to you for supervision with video analysis.

I am happy to address your concerns individually and develop a concept for your needs.

Previous knowledge of horses is not necessary. We will introduce you to horses in a way that allows you to reduce fears and insecurities in dealing with horses and build a natural relationship. The encounter with horses takes place from the ground, there is no riding.

Fees in Pöttmes

Individual training first hour 75.00 Euro in 2022, 90.00 Euro in 2023, incl. VAT.

Video analysis short 30,00 Euro incl. VAT.

Video analysis detailed 65,00 Euro incl. VAT.
Supervision with video analysis 460,00 Euro incl. VAT.
Training horse included, accommodation for guest horse per day 10,00 Euro incl. VAT.
Analysis of submitted video recordings incl. report or discussion per 10 min. running time 75.00 Euro incl. VAT.

Fees out of town

1/2 day flat rate 476,00 Euro
Full daily allowance 952.00 Euro
Travel costs car per km 0,35 Euro
Travel costs by train, flight according to expenditure

Accommodation costs: according to expenditure

Any costs incurred for the reservation of a riding hall etc. are to be borne by the client.
Prices incl. VAT.

A lot of things are easier for me. Customer meetings, staff meetings and even with friends I have a lot more fun now. And with my horse too, of course! (Brit C.)