Profession, vocation and personal development

  • Would you like to steer your love of horses into a professional career?
  • Do you feel called to work with people and/or horses?
  • Are you already working in this field and would like to further your education?

Then our education program could be just right for you!

When I had started combining horses with human self-development more than 20 years ago, most people smiled at me. Today, horse-based workshops and trainings are really trendy and more popular than ever.

Unfortunately, there is also a lot of shady stuff on the market. For the providers it brings in good money, but it does not teach the graduates the necessary know-how regarding the horse language, nor the necessary skills and experience in working with people. The HALE® trainings, on the other hand, are based on my more than 40 years of experience in working with horses and well over 20 years of development work and professional experience in leading horse-assisted education programs and workshops. Here, the necessary theoretical knowledge is imparted to you in a compact, easy-to-understand form, and you are trained how to apply this knowledge competently and safely in practice.

It is close to my heart to teach my students how to use the powerful coaching tools in a responsible way. In all my activities, I emphasize particularly the importance of the natural, peaceful and cooperative handling of horses. That is why at HALE® only the best tried and tested working methods are taught, which do not instrumentalise the horse but include it in the work as a partner and co-trainer of equal value - but not of equal rank.

For participants from abroad we offer our education programs also in block format instead of weekends. For more information please contact us.

What is special about the HALE® education programs

  • With HALE® you receive solid training courses in which you acquire professional competence and are optimally prepared for practice, not just a superficial "short bleaching".
  • HALE® follows a clearly defined "Code of Ethics" and maintains a high quality standard.
  • The training takes place in small groups of maximum 6 participants.
  • Horses are integrated as equal partners at HALE® and are not instrumentalised. That is why we work almost exclusively with free-roaming horses. In the training you will learn how to implement this later into your own work.
  • With HALE® you learn the natural herd language. This enables you to build up a horse-friendly relationship during the training and schooling of horses and to pass this know-how on to other interested parties competently later on.
  • There is a comprehensive script to read for each training unit.
  • The trainings at HALE® take place close to nature in a gorgeous location. Intensive guided experience of nature as well as meditative exercises are integral components. This turns your training time into an intensive experience rich in understanding and into a spring of new strength.
  • Through extensive practical work, you will grow into your new profession and will be optimally prepared for your professional activity.
  • Learning by doing! This makes you fit for practice and furthers you a good deal in your personal development.
  • Integration of your new insights and experiences into your everyday life.