Practitioner Horse-Assisted Liberal Coaching

The development aid for man and horse

  • Are you into self-development and love horses?
  • Do you feel called to contribute your professional and human skills in working with people and horses?
  • Would you like to become involved in the well-being of humans and horses?
  • Do you already have a profession which complements this topic excellently and would like to integrate horses into your professional practice in the future?

As a Practitioner for Horse-Assisted Liberal Coaching you will support your clients together with your co-trainer horse in discovering personal resources, discarding old and outdated structures in the area of thinking, feeling and acting and finding new constructive ways.  

A powerful, sustainable, sometimes even life-changing development process is thus set in motion. This demanding way of working with people and horses requires not only a high degree of personal integrity but also real skill in conducting a coaching session as well as in interpreting subtle equine designs. Accordingly, the HALE® training also includes three intensive modules totalling 36 training days, during which you will receive sound instruction.

The modules can be divided up to three years in a row. For professionals in coaching, we offer a special "catch-up weekend" instead of the complete first training module.
So well-founded and professionally trained, you have the best qualifications to thrive on the job and seminar market.

For our participants from abroad we also offer this education program in block format. Please contact us for further information. 

"Excerpt from the training contents".
  • The value-neutral language in coaching and therapy
  • Coaching techniques
  • Horse behaviour and horse language
  • The horse as co-trainer/coach
  • Accompanying equine-assisted client processes
  • The right question at the right moment
  • Recognising patterns of thinking, feeling and acting
  • Learning to read the signals of the horse
  • and much more

Either the previous participation in the "fundamentals" workshop (further information here) or the visit of an "individual consultation appointment with HALE® Coaching (price 75.00 Euro in 2022 - 90.00 Euro in 2023)".

In case it is not possible for you to attend to an appointment in Poettmes in due time you are welcome to participate via skype or zoom.

If you then decide to train with HALE®, 200.00 Euros will be credited to your training invoice for attending the "fundamentals" workshop and 75.00/90.00 Euros for attending the counselling appointment.

Training fee

Special Price in 2023:

Participant: 8.200,00 Euro incl. VAT. (Module 1+2+3). 

Accommodation of guest horse: 10,00 Euro/day incl. VAT.

The training fee includes the provision of a training horse, as well as beverages and snacks during the coffee breaks, as far as the legal regulations for the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic allow.

Number of participants

maximum 2-4


Comfortable leisure clothing suitable for the season, rainwear if necessary and sturdy shoes (hiking or trekking shoes), as we will also be in the great outdoors. If necessary, a mouth/nose covering ("corona mask"), in case the prescribed minimum distance cannot be maintained.

  • 12 April 2023 - 15 October 2023 Poettmes

By arrangement, individual counselling appointments with HALE®Coaching


 Structure of your education program in 2023 - 28 days of education:

The content of our curriculum in 2022 is identical to our regular program but it takes place in block form.

Module 2: 

  1. Season:   April, 12. - 16.  2023 (5 days)
  2. Season:   May, 17. - 21.  2023 (5 days)

Modul 1:        

  1. Season:   June, 14. - 18. 2023 (5 days)
  2. Season:   July, 14. - 16.  2023 (3 days)

Modul 3:

  1. Season: September, 13. - 17. 2023 (5 days)
  2. Season:  October, 11. - 15. 2023 (5 days)


Structure and content:

Module 1:


  Introduction to the philosophy of HALE® and working with people 
  The value-neutral language in coaching and therapy
  Liberal coaching without horses, intermediate exam


Module 2:

  roduction to HALE® training, basics of anatomy, physiology, psyche
  Fundamentals of liberal ground work with horses
  Leadership and the "leading animal" role
  The relational level with horses - Intermediate

Module 3:

  Fresh-up, HALE® coaching part 1
  HALE® coaching part 2
  HALE® coaching part 3
  Completion of training, examination



Have I aroused your interest?

Please contact us for more information.

Very thoughtful and professional, good balance between practice and theory, video examples were very helpful and illustrative, forest walks pleasantly grounding, good mix of positive and motivational support and critical feedback. (E.M.)