The quantum leap of man and horse

HALE® uniquely connects man and horse in a common alliance where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Both beings learn from and with each other, can thus develop their individual strengths and grow beyond their old limitations.

A "Garden of Eden"? In a sense, yes. Somewhat "detached from the world", so that you can once again perceive your own impulses in the silence of nature, but by no means "quixotic". Because what you learn and experience at HALE® will serve you in all areas of life.
HALE® stands for the initials of Horse-Assisted Liberal Education. The English word "hale" means healthy, vigorous. This is also the concern of HALE®: the well-being of man and horse in harmony with nature.

  • HALE® is based on the foundations of modern psychology, outdoor education and coaching as well as the Zen philosophy of life.
  • The free interaction with horses is based on the findings of behavioural research and respects the nature and self-determination of the horse. Horses at HALE® are treated as equal partners, but not of equal rank, and are not instrumentalised.

HALE® was developed by Susanne E. Schwaiger and is based on more than 20 years of professional experience in horse-assisted self-development and coaching, as well as on more than 40 years of experience with horses.

HALE®. Free-spirited, peaceful, partnership-based.

"I can say I have never undergone in my life so much personal development in one year and experienced so many sacred moments. I go home strengthened and full of impulses and hope to carry the 'Spirit of HALE' into my environment and make the world a little bit better." (Julia F.)