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The Path to Freedom

In our mechanised world, we often function like robots, forgetting that we are far more than task fulfillers.We are creative, vivid, social beings, equipped with all skills we need for a fulfilling life. Susanne E. Schwaiger shows here a practical way how these abilities can be awakened in us through the free encounter with horses. For more inner freedom, healthy relationships and professional fulfilment.

ISBN 978-3-275-01904-5
24,90 EUR

The Essence of Your Experiences

Time of awakening for the reclusive, nature-loving protagonist who finds herself at a turning point in her life. A crossroads that can lead to inner growth and maturity, or to mental breakdown and bitterness. Consciously choosing the "essence of her experiences" is the key to mastering her life.
An exciting adventure and love story, a source of profound insights about life and a medium for self-reflection.

ISBN 978-3-7450-6814-6
23,90 EUR

The Way with Horses - A Way to Myself

Horses are excellent partners in the school of life. They show us in a primal, natural and honest way what we ourselves are expressing in every moment. This book is the trigger and companion of a transformational process towards more awareness and better perception in dealing with oneself and horses. Through questionnaires and tests, exercises and games, the reader achieves more self-confidence, inner freedom and joy of life.

ISBN 3-440-07988-0
Unfortunately out of print!

Personal Training with Horses - The Practice Book

Everyone who learns the right way to handle horses can benefit from these experiences personally: more clarity and presence, more self-confidence and assertiveness. Hereby, the four-legged partners become an impulse generator and source of  power for the development of undreamt personal resources.
Horses also benefit from this process of self-discovery - as it clears the path to a harmonious human-horse relationship without force and fear.

ISBN 3-440-07988-0
Unfortunately out of print!

Do I Know My Horse?

The relationship between man and horse is at least as important for riders as the riding itself. Do you also wish to have a partnership based harmonious relationship with your horse? Would you like to really know your partner horse and his particular individuality? - If you do, this book is for you.

ISBN 3-440-09663-7
Unfortunately out of print!