The Pathway of POWER

The Pathway of POWER offers you a wealth of experiences. From self-awareness-trips into the wild to our horse-assisted events, seminars and education programs.

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Don't we all wish for a "better world"? A world in which people support each other, peace and friendship are realities and humanity lives in harmony with animals and nature?

Before you put me in the "quixotic" box, please give me a moment to show you why what we are currently experiencing in the world - armed conflicts, greed for power and profit, exploitation of people and resources - is only a part, a very destructive and hostile part, of our human potential.

In terms of evolutionary history, we emerged from the animal kingdom. A realm in which it is all about survival, about eating and being eaten. Nature has given us basic skills for this. A certain potential for aggression and violence, as well as the ability to love, protect and maintain social bonds.

The "animal" within us, you could say, has both predispositions - that of the principle, or paradigm, of FORCE, which goes hand in hand with pressure, coercion and often violence, and that of a universal POWER, which is based on inner strength, natural authority, social competence, willingness for mutual understanding and co-operation. It emphasises unity and promotes creativity and development.

The principle of FORCE, on the other hand, which consciously or unconsciously assumes a constant threat, has decisive disadvantages. It has a divisive effect on communities, marginalises, promotes enmity and likes to cling to the old ways. It forms the breeding ground for so-called "emergency emotions" such as fear, anger, rage, sadness, agony, hostility, envy and helplessness. Depressive moods, social withdrawal and burnout can result.


The life-friendly principle of POWER awakens "welfare emotions" such as joy, love, trust, confidence, compassion and forgiveness.

It is obvious that the welfare emotions are preferable to the emergency emotions, that love is more beneficial than hate and that compassion characterises us, while hostility makes us look poor. It is obvious that the paradigm of POWER serves us far more than the paradigm of FORCE. But why then do so many follow the principle of FORCE? What prevents us from going through life POWER-fully?

Opening up the pathway of POWER for ourselves requires nothing more than consciously promoting what is already positive within us. That sounds simple, but it isn't always. Over the course of time, we have developped a wide range of hindering beliefs, behaviours or emotional reactions that damage our interpersonal relationships as well as a positive sense of self. These interference fields need to be recognised and changed. The easiest way to do this is to work with a therapist or coach.

I am happy to give advice and support to you on the pathway of POWER and thus a path to more joy and happiness in life.

„I can say that I have never experienced so much development and so many sacred moments in one year in my life. I am going home invigorated and full of inspiration and hope to carry the 'spirit of HALE' into my surroundings and make the world a little bit better.“  (Julia F.)

Who is "The Way of POWER" suitable for?


Could one of these points apply to you? 


In general:

  • You have had enough of the paradigm of FORCE, pressure, coercion and violence.
  • You want to develop your inner strength, your natural authority and your social skills.
  • You are facing major challenges and are looking for inner clarification and solution-orientation.
  • You love nature and long for intensive nature experiences.


With horses:

  • You are fascinated by horses, but have no previous experience in dealing with these creatures. Nonetheless you are ready to experience liberty, friendship and a bit of adventure in a guided encounter with a horse.
  • You are experienced with horses and would like to learn how to build a horse-friendly partnership that can also fulfil your human wishes and desires.
  • You have problems with your horse and would like to improve the human-horse relationship.
  • You have had difficult or traumatising experiences with your horse and would like to learn how to deal with him again without fear.
  • You dream of a career with horses or are looking to expand your existing professional skills.
  • "The Pathway of POWER" is suitable for horses of all ages, breeds and training levels. It is also particularly suitable for training young horses and for correcting difficult horses.


Horse-assisted leadership and team training:

  • You are self-employed or run a company and would like to have yourself and/or your employees trained in leadership or team training.