HALE® combines adventure with efficiency. New impulses, clear transfer to your everyday working life, sustainable further development.

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Together we are better

Pferdegestütztes Incentive für Teambuilding und Teamtraining

  • Would you like to grant your well-established team something special?
  • Are you putting together a new team and want to fill the roles ideally?
  • Are there interpersonal conflicts in your team that are affecting its performance?

A team is only a good, functioning, successful team if the overall performance exceeds the sum of the individual performances (synergy effect). What does horse-supported team training have to do with this?

Horses are prey animals by nature. Joining together in a herd is their survival strategy. Their ability to work in a team has developed and proven itself over thousands of years. They have developped sophisticated social behaviour and an unerring sense of appearance and reality. They have a strong need for community and are happy to cooperate as long as they can recognise a clearly structured, emotionally stable, superordinate whole. On the other hand, incongruent, egotistical, insincere or even antisocial behaviour leads to insecurity and rejection. These characteristics specifically help you to improve the team spirit and efficiency of your employees. Strengths and weaknesses become visible and individual potential can be optimised.

The human factor is always at the centre of everything. Through exciting and adventurous team tasks, interpersonal resentments are bridged, misunderstandings and prejudices are reduced and the creativity and "we-feeling" of your "team" is strengthened. The characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and conscious and unconscious intentions of the individual are revealed in the team tasks, which are customised to your specific needs. This allows for individualised support as well as the optimal filling of the various team roles. Reason enough to invest in the team skills of your employees.

With an incentive that awakens creativity and a thirst for adventure and at the same time strengthens identification with the team and the company.

I am happy to address your concerns individually and develop a concept for your needs.

No previous knowledge of horses is required. We will introduce you to horses in a way that enables you to overcome your fears and insecurities when dealing with horses and build up a natural relationship. The encounter with horses takes place from the ground, there is no riding.

We arrived as a bunch of individualists in which everyone did their 'thing' and emerged as a close-knit team in which everyone found their place and was valued by their colleagues. I would never have thought that something like that was possible. (Jens P.)