Susanne E. Schwaiger

  • Born in 1962 in Augsburg
  • More than 25 years of experience in horse-assisted self-development
  • Over 50 years of horse experience
  • Developer and founder of HALE® and Das Pegasus Projekt®
  • Instructor of trainers and coaches since 2003
  • Learned trainer for self-development
  • Healing practitioner for psychotherapy
  • Crisis intervention counsellor of the Red Cross
  • Author

My personal life experiences, especially my own spiritual development, have continuously flowed into my work with people and horses over the last 25 years. An ongoing process of change that has probably confused some of my seminar and training participants from time to time.

Most of all, I see myself as a pioneer, a passionate discoverer of new paths, which I open up with great enthusiasm for myself and others and make them practicable. I would like to thank all those who were willing to follow me on the cutting edge of developments for their unwavering enthusiasm. It would probably have been easier and would have taken far less energy to "milk" what I had already developed or to follow the "mainstream", but what can I say, that's just not my nature.

"The Pathway of POWER" opens another new chapter in a dynamic process that aims to prepare the ground for a fundamental change in consciousness, a paradigm shift, not only, but also in the world of man and horse. Will you be there? - I would be delighted!



From problem horse to dream horse - Bon Jour, my strict teacher and most sincere friend. Without him, HALE® would have never come into being.(Susanne E. Schwaiger)

Stages of life

In 1996, in a moment of extraordinary clarity, all the fragments of my previous life, which I had previously dismissed as aberrations, suddenly came together to form a meaningful whole. Starting with my teaching degree, the years I spent working in the private sector, my training in animal naturopathy, my passion for riding and my strong interest in personal development and Far Eastern philosophy through to my great love of horses. Nothing had been in vain. Each element became an important part of my "path with horses".

After just a few months, I became a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of equine-assisted personal development. I had a great teacher at my side: my grey gelding "Bon Jour". He lovingly, sustainably and relentlessly turned my life upside down and taught me a lot about the deeper structures of the human-horse relationship.

In the early days, I received many a shake of the head for my horse-assisted work. It wasn't until 2000 and 2001, when my first two books "Der Weg mit Pferden - Ein Weg zu mir" and "Persönlichkeitstraining mit Pferden - Das Praxisbuch" were published and triggered a real boom in the scene, that personality training and coaching with horses became established. Very quickly, "playing around with horses" became a method to be taken seriously and a financially strong market. Quite rightly so, because horse-supported personality development - competently applied - brings lasting success!

I had made it back then, or so you might think. I had fulfilled my lifelong dream and realised my professional ambitions. I had set standards and was on the road to success. But there were other driving forces in my personal school of life that presented me with considerable challenges and sapped my strength. Nevertheless, I remained true to my profession, albeit on a smaller stage.