HALE® combines adventure with efficiency. New impulses, clear transfer to your everyday working life, sustainable further development.

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Horse-assisted leadership training for individuals and groups

  • Are you open to the unconventional?
  • Are you looking for ways to realise a new leadership ethic?
  • Do you want to be a leader, not just a superior?
  • Would you like to treat yourself and/or your employees to a special training programme?
  • Are you in the mood for "freedom and adventure"?Sie sind offen für Unkonventionelles?

Why are horses unbeatable as co-trainers?

Because it is in the horse's nature to seek leadership. However, they can also clearly distinguish between the seeming and the real in leaders. Horses are direct indicators of leadership strengths, but also of leadership deficits. Horses tactlessly and honestly uncover masks and behavioural patterns. They stand for authenticity, natural authority and social competence. All classic leadership traits. Ego trips, demonstrations of force and self-pity, on the other hand, turn them off. In the horse, you will find a counterpart who will honestly tell you how you come across to others. At the same time, you gain a friend with whom you can immediately, actively and dynamically implement your new insights.

I am happy to address your concerns individually and develop a concept for your needs.

No previous knowledge of horses is required. We will introduce you to horses in a way that enables you to overcome your fears and insecurities when dealing with horses and build up a natural relationship. The encounter with horses takes place from the ground, there is no riding.

I am still drawing on what I learnt and experienced today! It may sound 'strange', but my time with you is one of the three best and most decisive seminars and coaching sessions of my life to date. (Imke B.)