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Do you like things to be customized? - I am happy to be at your disposal for individual one-on-one training and coaching. HALE® on Tour offers events worldwide in German and English.

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Horse language and relationship work

HALE® Individual Training in Freedom Groundwork with Horses

  • Do you have a specific problem with your horse?
  • Are you stuck at a certain point in your horse's work?
  • Would you like to learn the horse language in individual trainings?
  • Are you looking for advice and assistance in training or correcting a horse?
  • Are you looking for professional supervision for your work with horses?

You can either work with one of my teaching horses or bring your own horse.

Please note: HALE® is very different from horsemanship. HALE® is based on horse-friendly, partnership-based relationship work, not on conditioning or submission. The quality of the relationship with the horse is therefore in the foreground. The achievement of a specific goal, on the other hand, we consider to be a by-product of a successful togetherness.

For professional supervision you can also send a video recording of your horse work. The video material will be carefully analysed by me and, if you wish, commented on in detail in writing or by phone.

I am happy to address your concerns individually and develop a concept for your needs.

Previous knowledge of horses is not necessary. We will introduce you to horses in a way that allows you to reduce fears and insecurities in dealing with horses and build a natural relationship. The encounter with horses takes place from the ground, there is no riding.

Fees in Pöttmes

Individual training (approx. 90 minutes) 90.00 Euro incl. VAT.
Video analysis short: 30,00 Euro incl. VAT.

Video anlaysis in detail:  65,00 Euro incl. VAT.
Supervision with video analysis in detail 460,00 Euro incl. VAT.
Training horse included, accommodation for guest horse per day 10,00 Euro incl. VAT.
Analysis of submitted video recordings incl. report or discussion per 10 min. running time 75.00 Euro incl. VAT.

Fees out of town

1/2 day flat rate 476,00 Euro
Full daily allowance 952.00 Euro
Travel costs car per km 0,35 Euro
Travel costs by train, flight according to expenditure
Accommodation costs: according to expenditure

Any costs incurred for the reservation of a riding hall etc. are to be borne by the client.
Prices incl. VAT.

It's going very well with Malik. I also have the feeling that all the contents of the training are present, become mine and I don't have to think about what I am doing now. Life has become different. (Waltraud K.)